Thursday, September 20, 2007

Metaphors from the Fig Wasp and Sycamore Fig

Metaphor from the Fig Wasp and Sycamore FigI just can't help but write about how inspired I was by this documentary so rich with metaphors and analogies to learn from, the greatest of which has something to do with living life according to your purpose. The energy I mustered to launch was partly inspired by this DVD, hence it is only proper that I post about this wonderful story of the Sycamore Tree and the Fig wasp.
Every single fig tree supports an entire ecosystem of thousands - even millions - of organisms, one species of which is the fig wasp.
The fig wasp lives only for a few days but it does so remarkably because the next generation of sycamore trees depends on them. Only the fig wasps can pollinate the figs. And only the fig tree can support the survival of the fig wasps. Each cannot exist without the other.
On a mass-ive scale, we are like fig wasps on this "sycamore" planet. For millions of years, earth has been nurturing our species. It is now our turn to do our part in nurturing the planet and its ecology to propagate life for future generations.
On an individual scale, a single fig wasp busting it's gut to accomplish it's unique mission is the way to go. There is nothing more fulfilling than to breathe your last knowing that you are what you were meant to be, and done what you were meant to do.

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